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Provenance - Episode Information

Production Number:

Air Date: 2006-04-13

SAM AND DEAN INVESTIGATE A CURSED PAINTING — A young couple is murdered in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait circa 1910. Upon reviewing the painting’s provenance, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) learn that everyone who has ever bought the painting has been murdered and race to discover how the portrait is causing the deaths before it can claim its next victim. The episode was written by David Ehrman and directed by Phil Sgriccia (#118).

Cast Information

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Guest Stars:

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There’s something about seeing things move when they aren’t suppose to. The beginning of ‘Provenance’ locked the eerie mood in from the moment we set eyes on the painting. Since we’ve been given trips down memory road of the Winchester lives and the awkward household of other dysfunctional families, the show’s supernatural theme had been toned down somewhat. I had been missing it much actually and this episode gave some of it back.

Along with the ghost and ghouls, the brotherly banter and teasing had returned as well. Dean pushing Sam into a possible relationship with Sarah (Taylor Cole) and ribbing him about his lack of love life brought the small but perfect amount of light heartedness into this episode. It wasn’t too heavy and just the right level so that viewers won’t get too bored with only the dark atmosphere of Isaiah Merchant.

From the moment we see the painting, and the back-story given, no one doubted Isaiah’s guilt in the murders. I was actually worried for a while that the mystery was too easily solved with just burning his bones or the painting. Obviously the latter hadn’t work at all when it re-materialised and everyone was giddy-happy when they burnt Isaiah’s remains. Which meant we were going to enjoy the love life of Sam Winchester unfold. Thankfully, the twists in the show spared us from another soap opera ending.

There were some points in the episode where I doubted Sarah. A beautiful girl with high society training, scared for her life and she still goes on a ghost hunt? Although Cole played the heartfelt moments with Sam well, but saying she really wanted to go hunting wasn’t. I didn’t feel for Sarah’s bravery and her need to do so, making the scene a little flat.

In this episode, it was a good glimpse into how Dean and Sam have comfortably settled into the routine of demon hunting that they might’ve gotten cocky and over confident about it. Not only that, viewers got to see just how different the brothers actually are when Sam and Dean talk about books, paintings and finer points of high social status. Sam fits in rather well while Dean looked like he rather punch someone in the face than sit and discuss the way of art.

But that has always been Dean’s appeal and Jensen Ackles plays it extremely well. Ackles conveys Dean’s mix of teasing and real brotherly love with wonderful conviction. In the end, it was the one line and small grin of his that made the entire Sarah-Sam relationship very believable. Even when I frowned at Sarah’s insistence to follow them, it was Dean’s jibe for Sam to marry her, which at least made the moment bearable.

When Dean was at the mausoleum and breaking his way to the doll, he shows his frustration over how he overlooked his gun. Moments like those are what make Supernatural so good. There’s just something about Ackles that leaves the viewer believing and falling in love in Dean’s crimes, lies, faults and of course- charm.

By: Joanna


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