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Shadow - Episode Information

Production Number:

Air Date: 2006-02-28

Sam has a reunion with the girl of his dreams, Meg, but it turns out that she is in the grip of dark forces and is being used to lure John to his doom.

It’s Chicago, Illinois in the night time and a girl is walking through a lonely alley. With her iPod stuck in her eyes, she makes her way through the dark streets when her iPod suddenly dies on her. As she pulls out the earphones, a strong gust of wind whispers menacingly and the girl runs, afraid of what be lurking in the darkness. No matter how fast or how much she runs, she sees a shadow following her every move.

Finally she reaches her apartment and bolts the doors while turning on her apartment’s alarm. Feeling relieved she checks her messages on the answering machine, and we now know her as Meredith. She doesn’t notice the dark shadow creep out of nowhere and grabs her from behind, thus gruesomely killing her.

A week later, and Sam and Dean find themselves in front of Meredith’s apartment, dressed in some sort of uniform. Sam is reading a newspaper article about Meredith’s murder. They then walk up to the apartment and the landlady let’s them in. She then fills them in about Meredith’s murder and how she was found.

There’s blood all over the carpet. As they look around, the land lady tells the brothers that the alarm company they work for makes alarms as useful as “boobs on a man”. The landlady was the one who found Meredith when someone called her to enquire about Meredith’s absence from work. She then checked on Meredith and that’s when she noticed the smell of a decomposing body. Dean asks if there were any signs of break in but the landlady tells them nothing was out of order, they even had to cut through the bolts to get in and the alarm was still on. She found Meredith in pieces all over, like an animal had torn through her.

She then leaves the brothers to look around further, once the landlady was gone, Dean and Sam discuss about the murder and that, from the policewomen he met, and it seems that Meredith’s heart was missing. Dean suddenly notices the blood pools on the carpet may lead to something and asks Sam to find some masking tape. Once he had taped the blood pools, connecting them like dots, we see a clearer picture of some sort of symbol. Both of them have no idea what it is or where it came from.

At a bar, Dean talks to a girl behind the counter while Sam pulls out the newspaper clipping of Meredith’s murder. When Dean is back at the table, Sam asks if he got anything from the bartender other than her phone number. Dean looks offended but later on admits proudly that he did. At this, Sam jabs at Dean to start thinking with his upstairs brain and a little less on the downstairs. Instead Dean tells Sam that according to everyone, nobody thought or saw anything weird of Meredith. He then asks Sam about the victim prior to Meredith with the same M.O. whose name was Ben Swordstrom. There’s no connection between them though.

Dean snorts and makes a point that so far, the only lead they have is the bartender’s phone number. But Sam isn’t listening and spots someone in the crowd. As he approaches the person, she turns around and it’s Meg.

After a few hi-s and hugs from each other, Sam tells Meg he’s here to visit some friends while Meg’s is once again travelling around. She even goes on about how she met this “Michael Murray guy.”

From behind Dean clears his throat though Sam doesn’t heed him and goes on talking with Meg. Again, Dean makes an even louder cough to catch their attention and it does, only in the wrong way and Meg tells him off. Sam apologises and introduces Dean to her, which only creates an even bigger distaste of Meg’s for Dean.

She then gives him another sounding off and then Dean leaves. Meg says she’s sorry but she’s mad at him because of the way he treated Sam and that she would’ve “killed him” by then. Either way, Sam brushes it off and gets Meg’s number and her last name, which is Masters. After promising he would call, Sam leaves Meg.

Outside the bar, Sam shares his suspicions with Dean about Meg and how “coincidental” the whole meeting was. But Dean has other things on his mind and questions Sam about what his been telling Meg. Sam comforts Dean and tells him that it’s not like that anymore. He then tells Dean that he’s going to follow Meg and has Dean look her up for anymore information.

Dean’s back at the motel room, and he searches for a Meg Masters and finds her listed in the directory, confirming her existence. Calling Sam who is staking outside of Meg’s apartment, Dean tells him that Meg is a real person and he has also dug up information about the symbol they found in Meredith’s apartment. It’s apparently a Zoroastrian symbol from before Christ’s time. It’s connected to a Deva- a demon of darkness. These demons needs to be summoned, meaning someone’s controlling them but the only problem is, these fellas don’t like to be controlled much and will often hunt the person who summons the first chance they get.

After he and Dean hang up, Meg emerges from the apartment building and Sam follows her into an old warehouse. On the inside, there’s a door locked modern mechanics making it not as run down as previously thought. Sam is persistent in following Meg and decides to climb up an elevator shaft instead. When he reaches the top floor, he sees an almost empty lot with only an altar in one corner.

Meg appears and makes her way to the altar, picking up a goblet and chants. She stirs the blood within the goblet and she talks to someone or something telling the being that the Winchester brothers are in town but she stops, as if some has interrupted her and agrees to wait for whoever it is she’s talking to. Placing the goblet back down, she blows off the candles and walks out. Sam, on the other hand, climbs out of the shaft and inspects the altar closely.

On the altar are beads, candles among other things but it’s the human heart on the altar and the Zoroastrian symbol drawn in blood that captures Sam’s attention.

Back in the motel, Sam tells all to Dean and his older brother has a revelation just as big. Both the first two victims, Meredith and Ben, were from Lawrence Kansas. They believe it’s the same being that killed their mother, Mary.

Later on, Dean leaves a message to his father, John, that they have a lead and that he should get there soon as he can. Sam then enters the motel with bags of equipment and weapons from the car’s trunk. The moment comes when they’re faced with the possibility that they’ve found the thing that they’ve been hunting all their lifetime. Sam is ecstatic that he can finally go back to the life he once was from but Dean is far from happy. Dean believes that the job will never be done and tells Sam that if he wants to leave he can go ahead. He finally confesses to Sam that it’s more than just about their parents. Dean has all his life wanted nothing more than a family, which is why he called Sam out of college. Sam knows where he’s headed and that’s back to college regardless of how Dean feels.

Back at the warehouse, the brother climb up the shaft like Sam had and finds Meg chanting over the altar. They creep behind her and hide before she can spot them but she already knows they’re there and calls out to them. Realising that hiding isn’t an option anymore; they come face to face with Meg, armed with shotguns. Meg tells them that she’s been waiting for them, and the shadows reform and attack the brother, rendering them unconscious.

When they wake, they find themselves tied to pillars and Meg is watching them. Sam tries to make sense of all the killing Meg has made, but she only killed those two to draw the brothers in. Sam is disgusted that she would kill people just for nothing but Meg laughs it off and tells him that she’s killed a lot more for a lot less. Just as Dean tells her to get it done and over with and kill them, Meg once again teases Dean and proudly informs Dean that it never was about the brothers.

Much to Sam’s horror, he realises she’s after John. Dean laughs at her and is confident that John will kill them all, but Meg is just as confident that John is no match for the Devas. Sam asks Meg in vain why she’s doing all of this to which Meg replies, “I’m doing this for the same reason you do what you do- loyalty, love. Like the love you have for mommy and Jess.”

Sam hisses at her and tells her to go to hell, and Meg informs him that she’s already there. Meg tries to seduce Sam and it’s then that Dean tries to cut himself free. Only problem is, Meg knows what he’s up to and confronts Sam. She’s not happy that Sam tried to distract her while Dean cuts free. Sam denies it and explains that he’s been cutting himself free. He head-butts her and Dean instructs him to go after the altar.

As soon as Sam pushes the altar over, the Devas drag Meg and pull her out of the window, falling all the way down and hitting the ground hard. Once Sam has freed Dean, they both look out and find Meg’s motionless body.

Relieved and tired from the whole thing, the walk through the door of their motel only to confront a dark figure lurking in the darkness. Dean shouts but as the mysterious figures turns around, it’s John. His been there since Meg went out the window and he fills them in that his been getting close to the real thing, and that he knew that these shadow beings have been after him for a while. Sam’s up to fighting with John side-by-side but John tells them to stay away for their own safety much to Sam’s objections.

Just as Sam comes to accept and settle all of his differences with John when a shadowy figure throws John against a wall, and then the two brothers. Down below, Meg surfaces from the darkness and is very much alive without a scratch. She’s concentrating on the window where the Winchester’s room is and is holding onto a pendant across her neck.

In the room, the Shadows are wounding the three and Sam calls out to everyone to close their eyes and he ignites a flare. As the room is flooded with a bright light, the shadows dissipate and they make their escape to the car.

Sam’s insistent that John follows them but Dean knows it’s much too dangerous for John come with them. Sam doesn’t understand believing that sticking together is the best plan. Dean exasperatedly explains to Sam that John’s vulnerable when he’s with them and the demons have a bigger chance at killing him. Reluctantly, Sam let’s John go.

As John drives off, Sam and Dean enter the car and watch him go.

Meg breaks from the shadows and has been watching the Winchester family, her eyes filled with nothing but hatred.

--- END ---

By: Joanna

Cast Information

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Guest Stars:

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One the biggest things of the episode that excited me the most was the return of Meg (Nicki Lynn Aycox) who was first introduced to us in ‘Scarecrow’. And she didn’t disappoint. Although somewhere in the middle of the episode, it was rather of a let down that she wouldn’t sense herself being followed or catch Sam as he nosed around the altar. So, to my total pleasure, Meg confesses to knowing all of Sam’s moves and instantly viewers understood that this was a character not to be reckoned with.

Giving her a swan dive as a final moment had me thinking that it was too easy and I’m glad the writers thought the same way when they revived her in the end to finish her task. It’ll be interesting where they go with this Meg character and how they’ll develop her.

The main plot itself wasn’t too complicated and straightforward where viewers know from the start that Meg was behind all the killings. Somehow, it seemed that the supernatural aspect wasn’t the main focus of this episode. They probably just threw one in to stay true to its theme.

It’s quite possible that the main point of the whole episode was to evolve the Winchester family relationship in order to move on with the storyline. We now know that John is alive and well meaning they don’t need to continue hunting for him and wondering.

Also, the heart-to-heart between Sam and Dean was interesting where we got to see the different personalities of both brothers. While Dean is wholeheartedly into demon hunting, Sam just wants to settle back to norm. It seems that all that fire he built about finding Jessica’s killer has somewhat diminished a little where he now yearns to be back in college. We get a tiny glimpse at Dean’s softer side for Sam but he quickly holds back again and tells Sam to leave when he feels like it.

The other obvious, and clear difference, between the two is their relationship with John. Dean practically idolises his father up to a certain extent that he telling Meg that John would kill her sounded like a six-year old’s “My daddy is gonna get you!” Even when Sam attempts at persuading John to have them hunt with him, Dean remains silent and doesn’t argue with his father. Sam, on the other hand, challenges everything John says or does. Almost to the point where Sam was close to writing his father off as plain crazy and obsessed.

Overall, there wasn’t anything spectacular for this episode to shine other than to progress with the plot and shed a little light into John.

Ever since Supernatural hit the mid-point of the first season, I’ve been playing six-degrees almost every episode and it’s half the fun of it. For instance, the most prominent one is William B. Davis in the episode ‘Scarecrow’, who is better known as the Cigarette Smoking Man of The X-Files. Then in ‘Faith’, the character Leila was played by Julie Benz whom was from the Angel and Buffy series.

Other major actresses I identified instantly were Jessica Steen and Kristin Richardson (Home). Richardson was in both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Lost while Steen has been in TV shows such as Stargate: SG-1, Mutant X and NCIS. In fact, the episode of Supernatural which Steen portrayed Deputy Kathleen in ‘The Benders’ had two other Stargate: SG-1 actors, both the Bender sons had played different roles in the Sci-Fi series.

This whole six-degree leads back to this episode, for Nicki Aycox had impressed me before in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Ellie Brass and I actually couldn’t recognise her until the very end of the episode. Still, her performance as Meg was another one I truly loved from her. Also, fans of the 2003 release of Battlestar Galactica (BSG) may recognise the landlady played by Lorena Gale who was Priest Elosha in BSG. Ah, but here’s the interesting bit; Gale was in The X-Files for three episodes. One of the episodes was also titled ‘Shadows’.

Now, there’s a little Supernatural-ness going on.

By: Joanna


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