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Faith - Episode Information

Production Number:

Air Date: 2006-01-17

While battling a demon, Dean (Jensen Ackles) is electrocuted, resulting in permanent damage to his heart and leaving him with only a couple of months to live. A despondent Sam (Jared Padalecki) searches desperately for a way to save his brother and believes he may have found an answer through a preacher who claims to heal the incurable. However, Dean and Sam discover that the preacher is getting help from the Grim Reaper who is trading one life for another he feels is less worthy. The episode was written by Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker and directed by Allen Kroeker.

Dean and Sam are digging through the boot of the car and they pull out tazers. Dean says they'll have to "fry" the demon to kingdom come. Both the brothers run through a run down house with flashlights and walk into the basement. They hear a noise coming from a cupboard, closing down on it, Dean throws the doors open only to find two small children cowering in the corner in fear. Dean asks the children if 'it' was still around and the boy nods. Dean instructs Sam to get the children out of the house.

Dean looks around the room as Sam and the children run up the stairs. As Sam almost reaches the top, a hand reaches out from under the stairs and grabs Sam's ankle forcing him to fall. Dean runs under the stairs and aims his tazer at the demon at shoots at it. Sam throws his own tazer at Dean and takes the children out. Dean searches for the demon and is suddenly thrown to the ground and into a puddle of water. Looking up, Dean sees the demon and tries to hit the tazer at it, but he realises he lost it. He stumbles towards the tazer and shoots the demon just before it can get a hold on him. Unfortunately, the electricity runs from the demon and travels through the water and electrocuting Dean at the same time.

Sam runs back to his brother and finds him unconscious. Sam calls out to Dean and is obviously worried about him.

~ Supernatural ~

At the hospital, Sam is standing at the reception where a nurse is with him. The nurse politely apologises to Sam and mentions to him that she doesn't have any insurance records. Sam pulls out a credit card and passes it to the nurse who thanks him and calls him as Mr Berkowitz. A couple of cops stand near Sam and waits for his statement. They tell Sam that it's all right if he wants to finish this later but Sam insists on continuing. He tells them that he and Sam were driving through a shortcut with the car's windows down when they heard children screaming from the house. The policemen ask if that's when they rescued the children and Sam agrees. One of the policemen says that it's lucky when they did. Sam nods and sees Dean's doctor walking down the corridor. As he walks towards the doctor, one of the cops says thank you but Sam is more preoccupied with getting the doctor's diagnosis.

The doctor explains to Sam that Dean is resting. He had a severe hard attack due to the high voltage from the electrocution and it left permanent damage to his heart. The doctor believes that Dean will only have several weeks to live if not the most, is a month. Sam doesn't believe the doctor but he says otherwise. Sam has no choice but to nod at the doctor.

In the room, Dean is surfing channels when Sam walks in. Sam tries to explain to Dean what the doctor just told him but it seems that Dean already knows. Sam keeps insisting that there must something they can do to save Dean and there has to be other options, at which point Dean snorts and asks: "What other options? Cremation or burial?”

Sam is in a motel room with pages of info on heart problems and so on. His laptop is on but his focus is on his cell phone. A familiar voice mail comes on and it's their father, John. Sam leaves a message that "Dean is sick and the doctors can't do anything else" but he promises to do whatever it takes to make Dean better.

As soon as Sam ends the call, a knock comes from the door and Sam wonders if it’s John, but when he opens it he sees Dean leaning against the doorframe and looking like hell. After a short exchange of wit and humour, Sam helps Dean in and tells him his been contacting people from their father's journal and believes he may have found a way to help Dean.

The Impala is driven through a muddy road and there are injured and sick people trudging through the rain. Dean rolls out of the car to see a signboard that is obviously one for faith healing. Dean is angry at Sam for bringing him here and tells Sam off. As Dean argues with Sam further more at the entrance of the tent, a pretty blonde named Layla walks past which gives Dean a small push to enter the tent. When they do, Dean finds seats at the back but Sam forces to sit in front right behind Layla (though the latter was coincidental).

A blind man walks up to the pulpit and starts preaching where he testifies that God allows him to see into people's hearts and chooses those who are worth healing. At this point, Dean in all of his scepticism mumbles to himself that this is a scam to cheat people of their money. The blind man, a reverend, hears Dean. Surprised at this, Dean mutters an apology but the reverend instead asks Dean to come on stage. Dean is reluctant and insists that the reverend choose someone else, even Sam tells him to go. In the end, Dean stumbles on stage and stands next to the reverend.

The reverend asks the congregation to pray with him and he lays his hands on Dean. Deans collapses on his knees and finally passes out. The whole room claps and rejoices as Sam runs up to his brother. Dean comes around just in time to see a weird old man in a suit that suddenly disappears.

Again at a doctor's office, Sam asks Dean if he's all right. Dean sounding very sick and tired of Sam's over-protectiveness says he feels perfectly fine. A female doctor walks in and says Dean's heart is fine and he doesn't show any signs of having heart problems at all before this. Yet the doctor says things can happen and mentions that a man of Dean's age and physique died of a heart problem yesterday. Dean has a feeling that that was more than a coincidence but Sam believes it is. Dean tells Sam about the old man he saw but Sam says that if there were any spirits he would've seen it. Dean is miffed and calls Sam 'Psychic boy'. He then tells Sam that his learnt never to ignore a feeling and orders Sam to check out about the man who died yesterday.

Dean is at the reverend's house and asks when the reverend began his miracle work. The reverend tells him about his cancer miracle where he was suddenly healed after a coma but he is still blind. Dean wonders why the reverend chose to heal him among the other sick people who have been waiting there for his miracle. The reverend says he saw into Dean's heart and it revealed to him that Dean had an important purpose and a job to be done and finished.

At a swimming arena, Sam is talking to a swim instructor and is asking about the man who died yesterday. The instructor says that the victim was always healthy but he just suddenly died but he did see the victim running for his life from running before he died. Sam thanks him and notices a clock that was dead. Sam points it out at the instructor and the instructor says it stopped yesterday and nothing they did could make it move. The clock reads 4.17pm and Sam asks if that was the time the victim died and the instructor confirms that.

Back the reverend's house, Dean walks out and meets Layla and her mother about to knock on the reverend's door. Sue Ann, the reverend's wife says the reverend is resting and isn't taking visitors. Layla's mother is appalled and releases her anger on Dean. She calls Dean a "stranger who doesn't believe" and that the reverend should heal Layla and not these strangers. Layla reveals to Dean that she's dying of a brain tumour that is inoperable. Layla's mother asks Dean why he deserved to live more than her daughter which leaves an impact on Dean.

Dean returns to the motel room and Sam tells him that Dean's assumptions were right. So Sam placed together a list that revealed when the reverend heals someone another dies of the same ailment that the person was suffering of. Dean feels guilty and tells Sam he shouldn't have brought him to the reverend. Dean knows someone else is doing the life-trade and not the reverend and figures it's the grim reaper behind it.

At the tent, the reverend heals a man who is on oxygen support and bound to a wheelchair. At the same time, a healthy girl is running through the woods but meets the Reaper. It then lays his hands on the girl who slowly dies and then the old man in the tent suddenly stands from his wheelchair and breathes on his own.

Dean persuades Sam that the Reaper is the one behind this and only those the Reaper are after can see him which explains why Dean could see him and not Sam. Sam reluctantly agrees and recalled an odd looking cross in the tent and cross references it with a tarot card with the exact same cross. Dean puts two and two together and realises the reverend is enlisting the help of the Reaper to perform 'the miracles'. Dean wants to kill the reverend but Sam says they can't kill another human being just like that. In the end, Sam wants to find out more and break the spell.

They both head to another of the reverend's miracle meetings and while Dean heads to stall the reverend, Sam searches through the reverend's house to find out more about the spell. On the way to do so, they meet a man (Wright) who proclaims that the reverend is a fraud. Sam and Dean pat him on the book in agreement and continue on their way.

In the reverend's house, Sam discovers a small black magic bible with newspaper clippings of people who the reverend sees as 'Immoral'. Sam realises this is how the reverend is choosing his victims to exchange the lives of his miracle work. Sam calls Dean and tells him of his findings and that the next victim is Wright.

Dean is in the tent discovers the person the reverend chose to heal that day just turns out to be Layla. He tries to dissuade Layla from going up on stage but her need to be healed is far stronger and so she walks to the reverend. Sam runs out to look for Wright and finds him running from something. Wright sees the Reaper but Sam doesn't. Dean cooks up a way to disrupt the meeting and screams "FIRE!” The reverend stops his deliverance and tells people to head out in an orderly fashion.

After everyone has marched out of the tent, Dean is left alone and he calls Sam telling him that he stopped the reverend. Sam, who is with Wright and trying to help him, tells Wright that all is fine. But then the Grim Reaper pops up and begins to 'take' Wright's life. Sam tells Dean that stopping the reverend didn't work and that there must be something else fuelling the Reaper.

Dean is confused and looks around the tent finally noticing the Reverend's wife, Sue Ann in the corner and mumbling some sort of chant. He runs over to her and interrupts her only to find her holding onto the dark magic cross. Sue Ann drops it and suddenly the Reaper releases Wright and let's him go.

Sue Ann screams for help seeing no other way to escape Dean and two policemen barge in to haul Dean out of the tent. Sue Ann doesn't want to press charges but the policemen warn Dean to stay out and never return or they'll "Put the fear of God" into Dean. As Dean leaves, he overhears the reverend tell Layla that he'll have a private service to heal her later that night.

Sam and Dean go back to their place and Dean fills Sam in that it was Sue Ann who was controlling the Reaper. Sam shows Dean the small book of black magic he found in the reverend's home. Sam figures that Sue Ann had resorted to black magic in order to save her husband from cancer and that the only way to break the bond is either to destroy the altar or break the cross Sue Ann holds. Dean figures it's best if they got rid of both.

Night falls on the small town and Sam and Dean drive back to the tent to find the service has already started. Both of them can't spot Sue Ann in the tent and they run back to the reverend's house to see if she's there. Dean distracts the same two policemen from this afternoon who are guarding the reverend's house. Meanwhile, Sam searches the place only to find a bomb shelter. He goes down there and finds the altar surrounded with bones and other black magic pieces. Also on the altar is Dean's photo (taken from the crowd earlier that afternoon) with an 'X' marked across his face in blood. Sam realises that Sue Ann intends to replace Layla's life with Dean's. Before he can get out warning his brother, Sue Ann appears and announces to Sam that if she can give life to Dean, she can take it back. She then locks Sam down in the bomb shelter and runs back to the tent. Sam attempts to break down the bomb shelter's door but fails so he looks around and finds a small window. He begins to break it in hopes that he can escape in time to save Dean. But it's obvious that the window is way too small to fit anyone.

Dean has managed to outsmart the policemen and is making his way back to the tent.

The reverend lifts his hands and asks everyone to pray with him.

The light around Dean mysteriously burns out one, by one. Then the Reaper appears before him much to Dean's horror and the Reaper lays his hands on Dean to take his life.

Sue Ann is at the tent's entrance and is chanting once more, but just as Dean is at his end, Sam grabs Sue Ann's cross and throws it to the ground, shattering it.

The Reaper releases Dean and disappears. Back in the tent, Layla opens her eyes and whispers that she doesn't feel any different much to her disappointment. The reverend realises that something's amiss and calls out for Sue Ann. However, Sue Ann is horrified that Sam has destroyed her control over the Reaper who soon appears before Sue Ann and takes her life.

The next day, Sam and Dean are packing up to leave town and Dean isn't so sure they did the right thing. After all, Sue Ann only did the things she did in order to save her husband. It was her love for the reverend that pushed her into the dark magic and also Layla wasn't healed from her brain tumour. Sam assures Dean that they did the right thing but Dean feels that Layla deserves to live more than he does.

Before they can argue any further, there's a knock at the door and Sam opens it revealing Layla. Dean is surprised and asks Layla how she found them and Layla tells him that it was Sam who called. Sam smiles and leaves them with the excuse that he was going to get a soda.

Alone, Layla says that she's doing fine and that even though she wasn't healed; she's at peace with her fate. She believes one needs to have faith not when the miracles happen but when it doesn't. As Layla leaves, Dean promises that he'll pray for Layla. Layla smiles gently and points out to Dean, "There, that's a miracle right there" and leaves the room.

--- END ---

By: Joanna

Cast Information

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Guest Stars:
Aaron Craven (David Wright), Colin Lawrence (Jason), Kenya Jo Kennedy (Unknown), Julie Benz (Unknown), Erica Carroll (Nurse)

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This episode was good both on building the relationship between Sam and Dean as well as the brothers and John. Also the plot for 'Faith' was well written except with some minor holes and oddities here and there. The theme for this episode was definitely about death and lost of a loved one. Though this maybe a clichéd story toyed around with for many shows and movies, yet it still hits home when it’s played out well and this was the case here.

We can see that Dean has and will always, use humour as a coping mechanism, clearly seen in this episode as he comes to terms with his death. Dean accepts his fate and he even seems prepared that some day, sooner or later, he was going to die because of his work. Sam on the other hand, whom never did embrace hunting much, doesn't take to kindly to the idea that he might be loosing his only brother. I suspect that somehow, if the tables were turned, Dean would've found a way to help his brother though Sam may not be as accepting to death as Dean had been.

Also, the moment when Sam calls John was indeed well performed by Jared Padalecki. Especially when he doesn't say “dying” to John but just that Dean is "really sick". It's obviously clear that Sam isn't letting his brother go and hopes his father will do something. In fact, so wonderfully acted by Padalecki that when the door knocked, a small part in me hoped that it was indeed John at the door. Only to my relief (and honestly, a tiny disappointment) it was Dean, checking himself out and making another wise crack about not staying at the hospital.

Which brings to the part about John. I like how the writers didn’t bring him to save the day, it just shows that John is human and he can't be there for his sons all the time no matter what. It's very realistic and a wake-up call that John will never be a super dad who knows and sees everything. Even the ending was a realistic conclusion without the fairytale twist where not everyone gets their happily-ever-after; a clear thing when we find out that Layla wasn't healed and is still dying. Jensen Ackles also showed great acting ability when he struggles between his guilt for Layla and his own healing, yet somehow grateful for the latter.

Now, the main plot for 'Faith' which is, like the title suggests, faith healing. A rather sensitive subject since a lot of Christians do believe in it and find any suggestions that it is fake, or otherwise, to be an insult and direct attack on their religion. Further more, the story goes on to say that Sue Ann (Rebecca Jenkins), the reverend Roy's (Kevin McNulty) wife, was in fact making a deal with the Devil for life. But, personally, I thought it was pulled off and worth forgiving the minor oddities. One of it which was that we figured that the Reaper chooses victims who are the same age and sex as the one being healed, yet when the old man was healed, the replacement was a young girl? Unless of course, Dean's replacement just coincidentally happens to be his age, built and gender?

The one other thing I’m rather confused about was when Sam was locked in the basement, he was knocking a window out which, to me, seemed awfully small for anyone to escape out of. So, is Sam's other supernatural gift the capability to squeeze through small openings?

On the casting of this episode, Layla (Julie Benz) and Layla's mother, Mrs Rohr (Gillian Barber) were excellent; a huge improvement over "Scarecrow's" poor casting. Unlike the last episode, the characters in 'Faith' really had you sympathising over their predicaments- for Layla and Mrs. Rohr whose undying passion to have her daughter healed, has her take out her frustration on Dean. If you look closely at the moment when reverend Roy picks Dean for healing, you can see Layla and Layla's mother's disappointment and shock. It’s not a clear ‘On Screen’ moment but it’s in the corner, but strong enough to capture the viewer’s attention.

You even feel for Sue Ann, who was blinded by her fear of loosing her husband. No matter who was labelled the villain, I personally felt that there was no protagonist in this episode try as I might to find one. After all, how could anyone blame Sue Ann for saving the man she loves so dearly?

One final thing, the writers did a good job of keeping Layla's character all through the episode. I was worried she was going to be just "another fling from another town" type where she throws herself at Dean's feet, proof that she’s more than just another pretty face. In fact, Layla remained focus and only gave us a hint that she just might be interested in Dean if circumstance were different.

By: Joanna


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