Supernatural 8.6 Recap & Review: Southern Comfort

Supernatural 8.6 Recap & Review: Southern Comfort

Vengeance is mine – penny, penny, who’s got the penny?

Sam and Dean still can’t find the Kevin trail, and wind up in a little Missouri town where a wife of 37 years drops a car on her husband and carves the name of a childhood fling on his chest with her fingernails.

Sam, Dean and Garth, Texas Ranger

Sam, Dean and Garth, Texas Ranger

Suited up for first contact, the Winchesters find that the case is already being worked.  Enter Garth, Texas Ranger.  The three compadres work the case together, finding through Bobby’s notes that they are chasing a Spectre.  Not just any spectre, the ghost of the body that is buried in the Confederate Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Local legend has it that the ‘unknown soldier’ is actually a man named Vance Collins, whose brother betrayed him by fighting for the Union Army.  Vance has sworn an oath of vengeance against his brother, and now anyone he is able to encounter takes their vengeance on their enemies.

The Spectre is released from the tomb through a penny he had tied around his neck when he was buried.  Local kids were drinking in the tomb and stole the penny – then used it during a purchase at a local store.  Once the penny started its circulation, vengeance was wreaked upon the citizens of the small town.

Corporal Vance

Vengeance is mine

A husband is killed for a fling he had 37 years ago, before his marriage; a young entrepreneur is shot in the local mini mart for his part in a failed business partnership; the sheriff has his chest removed with a 12 gauge for asking the deputy to write one more report; another county cop chases down a softball umpire at the hospital, and runs into Dean.

“Ohhh…the Spectre likes you,” he smiles, and hands Dean the penny.

Dean, rife with anger for Sam’s betrayal during his year in purgatory, waits patiently for Sam and Garth to return to the hotel room.  Garth, who doesn’t have a beef with anyone, is able to take the penny and destroy it.



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