Supernatural 8.5 Recap & Review: Blood Brother

Supernatural 8.5 Recap & Review: Blood Brother

Benny's Demise

Benny, bloodied and broken, calls on Dean for help.

Benny is out for blood.  Vampire Blood.

After attacking members of his former nest, Benny lies bloodied and broken and calls Dean for help.

Sam and Dean find themselves in Enid, Oregon looking for Kevin, who has once again duped them with a fake credit card trail.

Dean, still silent regarding his escape from Purgatory, tells Sam he needs some personal time to help a friend.  Dean departs to find Benny, and four story lines emerge:

Dean, Benny and Castiel fight off Leviathan while trying to make it to the portal back to the world.  Benny and Castiel hold no love for one another, but are still together and following Dean’s wishes to bring Castiel with them.  Benny and Castiel reason that Castiel’s presence is attracting too many purgatory residents, and further, that a seraph cannot likely cross the void.  Dean remains firm in his conviction that Castiel is coming with them.
Sam’s Normal Life
Sam as a Handyman

Sam the handyman

While waiting for “Dog” to recuperate, Sam befriends the hotel owners and begins working for them as a handyman.  This lands him under Amelia’s sink, and gives him a view into her life that she would rather he didn’t have.  Amelia is alone, without family or direction, living in a hotel for months.  She finds Sam “creepy”, particularly his “Army/Navy Surplus” wardrobe and creepy sideburns.

Benny’s Salvation
Benny, in his first vampire life, is second only to his maker in his nest. Benny betrays the nest and goes to bagged blood to live a ‘normal life’ for the love of a woman.  His maker eventually tracks him down and sends him to purgatory.  Before he dies, he realizes that his maker has killed his woman.
Present Day
Dean joins Benny in his mission to exact revenge on his nest.  Sam ruminates in Enid, Oregon, with no idea of Dean’s whereabouts.  Benny finds his true love as a vampire, second in command to his maker – in his old spot.  After the maker is beheaded, his love wants him to join her in the nest life as “vampirates” who prey on pleasure craft for food.  Benny realizes that she is no longer the woman he loves, and Dean sends her to purgatory.
During the fight, Dean calls on Sam for help, and Sam arrives after the fight is won.  Benny and Sam meet for the first time.  Sam has to shake Benny’s hand to gain the knowledge that he is undead.  Sam is reaching for his knife, and Dean just shakes his head no.

Sam realizes Benny is undead

Sam realizes Benny is undead

“I can see you two have a lot to talk about” observes Benny.
Fade to Black.

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