Blood Brother Review: It just got personal

Blood Brother Review: It just got personal

Shaking hands with a Vampire

Anger, And questions.

The Winchester Holy Grail quest has been ground to a halt by Kevin Tran, who WAS in advanced placement, after all, outwitting our heroes at every turn, and Dean insists on underestimating him out of pride. Now Sam sits by himself in a hotel room, haunted by memories of his normal life, while Dean attacks a nest of “Vampirates” (isn’t that the third thing you say?) with a vampire, who doesn’t seem to have what it takes to hunt monsters in the real world.

What happened to the peaceful perspective we saw at the end of “Bitten”?
We saw no argument between the brothers as they peacefully let a werewolf slip into the night.  There was a glimmer of hope that maturity was on the horizon, but I guess it’s always calm before the storm.
And of course, the silent, jaw working anger in Sam’s face as he fights back the instinct to kill the vampire.  It’s going to take another whole episode of yelling to work through this mess.
Winchester Dirt Slinging

Sam and Dean, dirtslingers

Winchester dirt slinging:

“What friends?  All your friends are dead!”
“Last I checked you took a year off.  I’m asking for a day.”
“You DID try to kill his mother.”
“Did you have a stroke?”
Dean’s got a guilt complex that’s binding him up like a kid in a cheese shop.  Sam’s so willing to be angry that he’s willing to just be Dean.
I can hear Bobby now –  “How’s that workin’ out for ya?”
We’re getting closer to finding out what happened in purgatory – Cas is still with Dean, despite his and Benny’s clearly stated opinions on the folly of it all.  Dean doesn’t take no for an answer, ever, and it’s starting to catch him.  It didn’t look so good for Dean when he was watching Benny get caught in the vampire nest like a schoolgirl, and calling Sam did nothing but invoke a telephone fight that really should have tipped off the vamps to his location.
Why didn’t they hear him, I wonder?  Why didn’t they smell him or hear his heart?  How could Dean stand in the next hallway and semi-shout to Sam on the phone and never arouse the suspicions of a house full of vamps?  Another question, if Benny could drag himself down to the fuel barge, why couldn’t he have dragged himself to the car and scarfed up some of the blood that seemed to heal him so quickly?  Why did he need Dean in the first place?
Questions, questions.   Tune in next week, folks.

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