Supernatural 8.4 Recap & Review: Bitten

Supernatural 8.4 Recap & Review: Bitten


Hunter or Hunted? – Bitten

Supernatural goes Paranormal for the Blair Wolf Project

Brian, Michael and Kate are college students documenting their lives (and whatever fun they can steal from others) on digital media.  “Bitten” is shown from the perspective of these amateur documentarians.

The story commences with clips of Sam and Dean from a camcorder through the bushes, ‘suited up’ for an FBI gig with the local constabulary.  It’s another animal attack, and the victim’s heart is missing. The FBI suits don’t fool our college stalkers, though.

According to Kate, “I’m pretty sure FBI agents don’t say Awesome that much”.

From here, we are thrown into the night bushes, where the camera crew is chased through the woods by an angry, jolted would-be lover straight into a growling beast who attacks, but doesn’t kill, Michael.

Fans are treated to the story from the victim’s point of view using the harsh jolting reality of home video, smattered with clips of Sam and Dean investigating the case.  Michael turns werewolf, Brian is jealous, Kate is worried and the three eventually all go native.

What did we learn from ‘Bitten’?  We finally figured out why some werewolves turn outside of the moon cycle.  If they’re less than 4 generations from an alpha, they’re not as feral and can turn before, during and after the lunar cycle.   We watched from a camera hidden in the bookshelf as Sam and Dean extinguished the first werewolf in this chain, a college professor who fed off animal hearts for years before he slipped and had to turn Michael to cover his tracks.

We also learned that Brian is in love with Kate, who is Michael’s girlfriend.  In the end, the boy-wolves fight and Michael loses.  To realize his dream of living eternity with Kate, Brian bites her.  Brian apparently didn’t understand the fury of a woman scorned.  Kate is the only one left at the end of the episode.  She compiles her video story and sends it to the Winchesters, pleading with them to let her go.  She didn’t choose this.  She’s never hurt anyone….human.

Their year apart seems to have changed the perspective of the brothers.  Sam and Dean are on the same page on this one, and decide to let her go.  Kate walks into the sunset on a set of rural train tracks and the brothers go on their way.

“Do I really say Awesome a lot?” queries Dean.

“No, not at all,” Sam lies.

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