‘Bitten’ Episode Review: Point of View

‘Bitten’ Episode Review: Point of View

Through Brian's Eyes

Through Brian’s Eyes

Our beloved staff has treated us to a different perspective in Season 8 Episode 4: Bitten.

Bitten, a story about a group of college students gone wolf, is shown from the point of view of home video.  So we take a trip down the Blair Witch Paranormal Avenue and take a look at the story as it unfolds for three college roommates.

At the end we find out the entire thing is compiled by Kate, the middle of our coed love triangle.  Kate, Brian and Michael are terrible cinematographers, but apparently Kate is just awesome at editing.  Just a shout out to those who treat us to the ‘Awesome’ cinematography in Supernatural – we love your work. We tune in every week to be treated to it, even when you switch it up and go game show or sitcom on us.

Eric Kripke – you may have noticed that we also love our heroes.  Fans are screaming about this episode, losing the faith and giving up on the whole season.  This is Sam and Dean withdrawal.  Oh, and let’s not forget the Impala.  We didn’t get to ride in it once.  We should start a trivia contest to see if anyone remembers which scene the Impala was actually in.

People are so caught up in not seeing the show through our heroes eyes that the true art in this episode is missed: Perspective.

This episode spirals in on itself in so many ways that it’s difficult to jump into the subject.  Sam and Dean are hunted by students, who are hunted by an alpha, who is hunted by Dean and Sam.

Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

Brian films Kate, who films Sam and Dean

We’re watching from the point of view of Brian, which is compiled by Kate, and eventually we learn that we’re watching through the eyes of Sam and Dean.  All this pales in comparison with the significance of the different perspective of the story line, the viewer, and most subtly, the boys themselves.

Were we going through so much Dean and Sam withdrawal that we failed to notice that they agreed to let her go without an argument? Where was Dean’s purgatory blood-lust?   Where was Sam’s need to tie up loose ends?  Each of them have, at different times in our view of their lives, shown mercy for their prey.  The lines between prey and victim are getting blurrier and blurrier, and now a unilateral conclusion that sometimes you let bygones be bygones.  We’re evolving past daddy John now. Breaking the Campbell cycle.  Changing perspective.

Artful episode, that.

Bitten: ImpalaBut truly, we needed a little more Sam and Dean, and a little more Impala.



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