Sera Gamble Is Leaving ‘Supernatural’ As Showrunner

Sera Gamble Is Leaving ‘Supernatural’ As Showrunner

Sera Gamble is leaving CW’s Supernatural after a two season run as chief writer and producer of the series. Gamble wrote for the show during creator Eric Kripke’s time at the reins for the first five seasons as well, but is making her exit after this season wraps.

Jeremy Carver is returning to the show to take over Gamble’s position. Carver worked on the series for three previous seasons before he ran Syfy’s Being Human which was also recently picked up.

CW hasn’t officially picked up Supernatural for an eighth season, but the news is expected to come soon as networks don’t usually switch show runners if the series isn’t expected to return. Supernatural continues to be a strong player for CW, and has a cult fan following.

And we love it… so we don’t want it going anywhere either! Supernatural fans, sound off about the news! Let us know your thoughts. Will this be good for the series?

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