‘Supernatural’ Fan Favorite Moments

‘Supernatural’ Fan Favorite Moments

Season 5 ended with a banger between the gates of Hell opening up and fights with angels it was quite a departure from the earlier seasons but demonstrates how the show has evolved. I posed the question to some of the biggest Supernatural fans that our Facebook page has to offer – what was there favorite┬ápart of the earlier seasons of Supernatural? Check out what they had to say below!

“Would have to be when Dean and Sam are reunited when Dean returns from hell. such an intense emotional scene. boys.can see the brotherly bond between the boys” – Barri

“There are so many great moments. The scene where Castiel was revealed was one of my favorites. When Ruby jumped in, saved Sam’s ass and slaughtered all the demons using the knife was a memorable one. Dean’s dinner with Death was another good one. Like I said, so many great moments. It’s impossible to pick just one.” – Melanie

“Anthing Dean says including: “Ectoplasm? I know what we’re dealing with here — the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man!”” – Monica

“Saddest moment for me is still the brothers fight in 4.21. Sam – “You don’t know me. You never did. And you never will.” The lowest ebb. After 4 years facing everything alongside Sam & Dean to see them at a point apparently beyond reconciliation was and still is heartbreaking.” – Jon

“My fave bit is when the brothers are playing pranks on each other and a beer bottle gets glued stuck to his hand! I always look out for the jokes in episodes” – CJ


What was your favorite part of the earlier seasons and were you prepared for Season 6?

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