Supernatural Season 6: Family & Friendship

Supernatural Season 6: Family & Friendship

Dean surprised Sam early in Season 6 with a sudden paternal side that emerges when the two brothers investigate a case of missing babies. In promotion of the Season 6 DVD release of Supernatural, we wanted to ask fans what is the most surprising skill that your sibling, friend, or loved one has suprised you with? Did it end up making sense given their personality?

Family has always been an important theme to the Winchesters, so it’s not surprising that Dean would have a paternal side, at least not in my opinion. I’d really love to see more of that on the show actually. While I love the relationship that the brothers have with one another – I think outside relationships such as romance would be an interesting new angle for the show to explore.

What do the Supernatural fans have to say!?

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  1. kathy says:

    the show is great i dont miss a show

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