Supernatural Season 6 Finale!

Supernatural Season 6 Finale!

Don’t forget to enter our Supernatural Season Finale Contest for your chance to meet the cast!


Here are the top 5 reasons you guys need to keep visiting us this summer! The show may not be back until fall, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still be updating!

1- We’ll be giving away free Supernatural goodies!

2- We will continue to update on the cast and show all the time! We’ll be interviewing the cast this July – so we’ll be collecting your questions to ask them!

3- Spoilers for season 7 will be here as soon as they surface!

4- Um… did we mention contests with lots of cool Supernatural stuff?

5- And lastly, because, our host, is simply awesome! All the members on the boards rock, and if you haven’t joined the fan community yet, well you simply can’t call yourself a true Supernatural fan till you are chatting it up with the rest of the fans here! So why don’t you sign up if you haven’t already! Sign up here!


This has been a great sixth season, I really wanted to say thank you to all the fans and the moderators, you guys make this site and this community what it is! You guys rock!

And remember, we will be updating all the time on everything Supernatural related! So be sure to make us a daily stop for your Supernatural fix!

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