Supernatural’s Producers Are Already Eyeing Season 7

It’s mid-March, so it’s time to start talking about whether or not Supernatural will be back for another season and we Supernatural fans are crazy like that. Last year’s nail-biting was particularly daunting, as the original five-season arc had wrapped, and creator Eric Kripke was leaving his post as everyday showrunner. But executive producer Sera Gamble stepped up, and the CW granted the show a sixth season, for better or for worse. Overall viewers are down a bit, and fans are divided on the actual quality of the current season. So does that mean we’re not getting anymore Winchester adventures?

Eric Kripke thinks the Impala will be revving for at least one more season. “We’re looking pretty good [for a seventh season],” he told E! Online at Sunday’s L.A.-based Paley Fest. “We’re bullish enough on it that we cliffhang the finale.”

So there you go. Kripke feels good about it, which, if I remember correctly, is different from what he was thinking around this time last season. Gamble also acknowledged the question, albeit more cautiously, saying, “We have some stuff cliffhanging at the end of Season 6, so hopefully, knock on wood, we have a Season 7.”


16 Responsesto “Supernatural’s Producers Are Already Eyeing Season 7”

  1. Danielle Brunt says:

    thank god there will be another season, season 6 is amazing!!!!

  2. Jesse Skura says:

    I agree season 6 has been pretty freakin good. Altho it has a different feel to it that the other seasons, its more dark. I cant wait to see what they do with season 7!!!

  3. Aleksandra says:

    Supernatural is amazing series, hope it gets renewed for at least 2 seasons !!

  4. jenna owen says:

    fingers crossed for a season seven!!!

  5. heather says:

    1 more season,an then end it on a good note,just like Charmed an Angel.Lets cross our fingers for season 7.

  6. edward says:

    supernatural is my fav show really hope it gets a season 7!

  7. steve says:

    Supernatural is definitely my favorite show…own all seasons on dvd except season 6…will buy it as soon as it comes out on dvd…would love @ least a couple more seasons if not more…great cast.

  8. Dave says:

    Why just hope for # 7 when we can pray for #8,9,10. !

  9. EJ says:

    I loved supernatural and although i continue to watch the 6th season in hope that it will get better i think that the programme is not as good as it used to be. The 5th season finale was such great ending, they should have left it there.

  10. martin harbour says:

    what a finale to season 6, castiel the new god, then who brought cas back when lucifer killed him? and who put dean and sam on the plane?? is god really dead? or is there still something more powerful than castiel? i need the next episode now. lol. there is still so much to answer and tie up there must be a series 7. an amazing show doesnt get the recognition it deserves. keep them coming. 🙂

  11. debs says:

    omg supernatural is my favorite show hope it keeps going for a long time keep up the good work it just the best show ever we hope for 7 ,8,9,10.and more

  12. claire says:

    i do think the guys help carry supernatural as thats why it works so well. it has lost its humor and is going away from what it was.

  13. kayachex says:

    keep it going forever! this is the onli show i wait for and bother to watch!

  14. kayachex says:

    no more of the random episodes like manequin/ghost hunter ones though please! the story line is so good they need to stick with it and not defer to pointless episodes

  15. rochey says:

    season 7 would b sick they got plenty of stuff 2 wrap up lyk the half demon boy jesse and the fact cas is god now they sum1 2 take him out i reakon they should use sams powers 2 remove the souls from cas at the end of season seven and they also need 2 do sum mre stuff on the fait sisterrs and the fairys

  16. ej says:

    thank god please make it i cant wait dean should become an agel