Jensen Ackles Talks ‘Supernatural’ At Comic Con 2010

Check out our video of Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles talks with press at Comic Con 2010 about Supernatural Season 6 and more!

One Responseto “Jensen Ackles Talks ‘Supernatural’ At Comic Con 2010”

  1. kynda thompson says:

    i love supernatural its a show that my husband and i watch together. we have even gottin some of our friends into it. i love the actors i dont think you coould have done it any better i was upset with the way the last one eneded until i found out you were gonna make more episodes. cause i thought that was suppost to be the end and the you bring sam back and it ends i wanna know where there lives end up takeing them. and i dont think you could have picked better actors for this show it is just amazing i love it. 🙂