‘Supernatural’ fans loyal to Ackles

‘Supernatural’ fans loyal to Ackles

Supernatural has been on TV long enough that Jensen Ackles feels he has grown up in front of the camera.

“It’s a very common phrase we use on set: ‘Wow, you were much better in your 20s,’ ” Ackles said. “And it applies to a lot of people.”

Ackles may have turned 32 earlier this year, but neither he nor his character on Supernatural have slowed down. In fact, when Supernatural airs its fifth-season finale on Thursday, (CW, Sun-TV in Ontario), the series essentially will wrap up the main spooky storyline that has played out over a half-decade.

But here’s a fun twist: Supernatural has been renewed for a sixth season. The intensely loyal fans of the show, which is shot in Vancouver, simply have refused to let go of demon-fighting brothers Dean Winchester (played by Ackles) and Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki).

“Eric (Kripke, creator of Supernatural) wasn’t going to tap the breaks when they found out they were going an extra year,” Ackles said. “He wasn’t going to stretch five years over six. He was like, ‘I am going to do the five seasons, knock it out of the park and then figure it out from there.’

“So for me, my anticipation of the first script of Season 6 is going to be higher than almost any season.”

First things first. As the fifth season closes, Dean and Sam still are trying to prevent the apocalypse.

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11 Responsesto “‘Supernatural’ fans loyal to Ackles”

  1. kaitlyn says:


  2. Tara says:

    What more can they do?

  3. kaitlyn says:

    sam comes back

  4. Essa says:

    does sam comes back and is there going to be a 6th seson

  5. becci says:

    OMG!! im soooo happy there bringing out a 6th series its going to be soo awesome, i hope they bring sam and john winchester back ­čÖé

  6. Michelle says:

    I am soo jazzed to find out there is going to be a 6th season!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  7. Telia says:

    if there is a sixth season it will be great and i hope that this wont ruin what this show has become

  8. RJ says:

    Sixth season?! Where do you go after the apocalypse?! The sixth season looks like more producer medeling to milk a cash cow. Shark jump here we come…

  9. heba says:

    i like the show soo much and sure i hope to see more and more in the same level for sure. i hope to see what inside dean and sam; i think they have alot inside themselves

  10. martina says:

    I am a fan of supernatural and have watched it from day one…but come on with the apocolypse over there is so much more that can be explored…i was so furious when the show ended the way it did i thought someone deserved to be slapped…however now maybe someone can see what i do in this series…and realize there is so much potential….thanks again for keeping this site going…

  11. ismail arslan says:

    bence 6 sezon ├žekilirse sammy geri geldi ben├že tanrı kendine avcılardan bi ordu kurcak winchesterlardan jonn u felan geri getir├žek ├Âl├╝m atlısıyla savaşacak iblisler lucufer rın intikamı i├žin sam e saldırcak ben├že 10 numara konu inş ├žekilir 6 sezonn