Supernatural Summer 2010

Supernatural Summer 2010

Here are the top 5 reasons you guys need to keep visiting us this summer! The show may not be back until fall, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still be updating and interviewing the cast and crew!

1- We’ll be attending Comic Con this summer and the series has always had a presence there. Last year we interviewed the writers, Misha Collins, and Jim Beaver! This year we’re hoping for interviews with Jensen and Jared. And we will be asking the questions you all submit on our site! So be sure to keep checking back to submit the questions you most want answers to!

2- We will continue to update on the cast and show all the time!

3- Spoilers for season 6 will be here as soon as they surface!

4- We’ll be having Supernatural contests with swag and other goodies!

5- And lastly, because, our host, is simply awesome! All the members on the boards rock, and if you haven’t joined the fan community yet, well you simply can’t call yourself a true Supernatural fan till you are chatting it up with the rest of the fans here! So why don’t you sign up if you haven’t already!


This has been an AMAZING fifth season, I really wanted to say thank you to all the fans and the moderators, you guys make this site and this community what it is! You guys rock!

And remember, we will be updating all the time on everything Supernatural related! So be sure to make us a daily stop for your Supernatural fix! And the screencaps from tonight’s finale of course!

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8 Responsesto “Supernatural Summer 2010”

  1. stevedude says:

    was that the end of supernatural?
    or will there be a new series

  2. nig says:

    stevedude, season 6 is on route. happy days!.

  3. kaitlyn simmons says:

    there def is going to be a sixth season of supernatural I kgbed it it starts in september so hope you watch it :] :] :].

  4. angelina says:

    This show is sooooooo! awesome. It really helps in the understanding about good and evil. Especially when the bible is alot more complicated to understand. I truely believe in angels and devils, and how they can effect our every day living, actions, and thoughts. You just have to learn and listen to your inner self when it comes to making good choices. I hope Supernatural never goes off the air.

  5. Dee says:

    I love u guys!!! I wil kp watchng, is sam a demon?

  6. Taylor says:

    When is Supernatural Comic-con this year? And Where?

  7. kee says:

    will a supernatural con ever come to ireland

  8. kee says:

    supernatural rocks!!