Supernatural Fans Interview Alex Ferris (Young Sam Winchester)

Supernatural Fans Interview Alex Ferris (Young Sam Winchester)

So we were given the opprotunity through our host site FanBolt.Com to interview Alex Ferris. Alex played the young Sam Winchester on Supernatural and can be seen in Diary of a Wimpy Kid on March 19th! We asked you guys to submit the questions – and then we asked them! Check out the interview below!

What did your friends and family think of you playing the role of young Sam Winchester?

Alex Ferris: A lot of people I know, including me, LOVE the genre of science fiction. So naturally I was extremely excited when I learned that I was to play the role of Young Sam Winchester. Supernatural is a really popular show with my friends so it was great to play the younger version of such a well known character.

What experience do you think you gained playing this role?

Alex Ferris: Acting in Supernatural was a really fun experience. It was the first major popular TV show that I was a part of so it was a big deal. A fun part of working on Supernatural were the exotic props. I remember walking into the studio and seeing the props area. There were so many odd props, I couldn’t even recognize what half of them were!!!! On my particular episode I almost got devoured by this really creepy witch – when I first ran into the witch on set it was quite a shock! All in all, I am happy to have been able to work with such great actors, on such a great TV show.

What was the Supernatural set like?

Alex Ferris: The set was amazing. They had all of these rooms and houses built inside their huge studio. Occasionally you would just see someone walking around in a horrifying monster costume, I found that really cool. I also found all of the stunts incredible. I remember in my episode my father shot a monster. I expected that they would simply film this seen using mostly special effects but they didn’t. It was really fun to watch.

Tell us a little bit about your character in Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?

Alex Ferris: My characters name is Collin Lee. Collin is a snappy dressing Republican type (although here in Canada we would say “Conservative”) who does all he can to strengthen his friendship with Rowley, while attempting to destroy Rowley’s relationship with Greg (aka The wimpy kid). In the movie, Rowley and Greg have a fight – due to the fact that Greg extremely selfish, and self centered. Eventually, to Collins satisfaction, Rowley decides to turn away from Greg for good, and become best friends with Collin. My character is very kind to Rowley, and they are best friends until one day Greg apologizes, and Rowley forgives him. Collin is angry with this decision and, he ceases to be friends with Rowley.

Check out the rest of the interview with Alex Ferris at FanBolt


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