Supernatural Magazine #14 Is On Sale Now!

Supernatural Magazine #14 Is On Sale Now!

Like Mother, Like Daughter – Alona Tal

“I don’t think Jo was incapable. People just didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt.” – Alona Tal

Initially conceived as Dean Winchester’s love interest, Joanna Beth “Jo” Harvelle became more interested in flirting with danger. An aspiring hunter, Jo fought alongside the Winchesters, only to become a fallen hero in season five’s Abandon All Hope. The Official Supernatural Magazine meets up with actress Alona Tal to chat about her character’s journey, working with Jared and Jensen, and what the actress is up to now. Check out the interview in the latest issue.

Last Men Standing – Jared & Jensen

“I like the dynamic of brother versus brother when they both think they’re doing the right thing…” – Jared Padalecki

The latest issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine features a brand new exclusive interview with the show’s leading men, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. As season five continues, Sam and Dean Winchester are still facing new challenges and even greater threats. In our latest catch-up, the boys tell us about playing themselves, driving the Impala, and why they love it when the brothers fight!

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