‘Supernatural’s’ Bobby Singer Lays All His Cards On The Table

In tonight’s “very special episode” of Supernatural, “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester,” fan favorite Bobby Singer makes a bet with a demon in order to regain some of his youth and health back. As we all know (and Bobby should have!), though, anytime you think something good can come from demons, you are sorely mistaken. I had the opportunity to chat with the lovely and uber-friendly Jim Beaver yesterday about what is in store for Bobby, his time on the show, and how he hopes to see it all wrap up.

Your character, Bobby, has definitely been put through the ringer before in seasons past on Supernatural. Can you talk to me a little bit about some of your favorite lore that the show has touched on in the past and which were your favorite demons to fight?

That’s interesting…I liked the stuff with the trickster because I love the idea of– certainly in the episode that I worked in (editor’s note: referencing “Tall Tales,” Season 2, Episode 15) — to see sort of bizarre, fantastical things coming to life and challenging us. We had the kung fu lingerie models and chainsaw massacres, and all kinds of stuff in one episode– all kinds of stuff in one scene, actually– and that was just kind of fun. Off the top of my head, I guess that’s one of my favorites in terms of the fantastic lore of the show.

Recently the show kind of turned to scripture for the angels versus demons arc, so as someone who grew up in a religious family, was this something that excited you– as a new direction for the show– or were you a little bit more skeptical because of your own upbringing?

Well, I wouldn’t say either. Growing up a preacher’s kid, you know, this whole apocalyptic, Book of Revelations stuff was fairly familiar to me, and it’s interesting to see the kind of quote unquote real life variations that Eric [Kripke] and the staff are ringing on it. I guess, you know, I guess I’m sort of like the fans in that I’m very intrigued to see where it’s going to go, and you know, I don’t know where it’s going to go.

That was going to be one of my next questions!

Yeah, I’m presuming Eric does [know where it’s going]. I presume he has a plan for a resolution, but I don’t know what it is, so very much like the fans I’m just excited to see what he does with it. I think it’s very interesting and exciting and maybe a little bit scary ground he’s trodding on right now. I’m going to be very interested to see how well he both keeps the fans excited and without running off somebody else. I know I’m glad I don’t have to figure out how the apocalypse works itself out! I don’t know that I’ve ever been involved with a show that had such a– well, you know, a lot of things talk about an armageddon, but Eric’s actually putting it on stage, and that’s pretty amazing to me. I think a lot of shows just say “We can’t go there,” but Eric seems pretty fearless, and it makes for exciting television.

Bobby, in “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester,” makes a bet with a demon that is unlike the past deals we’ve seen so far. But even in saying that, Bobby still knows about the consequences that come with dealing with such devils, so to speak, so can you talk a little bit about what motivated Bobby to make such a risky bet?

Well, as the viewers are going to find out, Bobby’s not doing well with his new situation– with being partially paralyzed. He’s not handling it well, and he’s both, I think, angry and despairing. Which are– we’ve seen Bobby angry before, but we haven’t really seen him despairing, and so out of that despair comes a sense of desperation. When this magical fellow with his magical poker game shows up and offers Bobby a chance to get his youth and his health back, I think out of that desperation, Bobby jumps at it. Of course, any time on Supernatural when a bad guy offers you something good, it’s probably got a catch.

Of course.

It certainly does in this case, and Bobby ends up having to be rescued by Sam and Dean rather than the other way around. It’s both a funny and delightful episode and a rather dark and disturbing one at times.

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