The End Of Supernatural?

The End Of Supernatural?

Could Season 5 of the hit TV show Supernatural be the last we see of the Winchester boys?

Not necessary, says Eric Kripke, the show’s creator who did indicate that the latest season premiering in the United States later this week would be the end of the storyline that started in 2005. “Supernatural has always been a show that doesn’t hold on to endless mysteries and doesn’t let the mythology collapse under it’s own weight, as happened on a lot of genre shows when they go into their fifth season and beyond,” he says in a New York Post interview. “Even though we’re closing this chapter, there’s no reason another chapter can’t open. However, when this story ends, it will end with a return to the Supernatural status quo, which is a world full of vicious monsters and demons that are ripping mankind limb from limb.”

Kripke was speaking in advance of the fifth season that will see the brothers, Dean and Sam, trying to send Lucifer back to Hell or face the possible end of humanity.

This is the season where a lot of questions are answered, Kripke says. “We’re certainly going to specifically reveal what the angels’ plans are for Dean and how and why exactly he’s their chosen one to fight Lucifer.” Fans will also find out what the demons will have in plan for Sam, played by Jared Padalecki.

Will the show return for a sixth season? Actors Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are signed on for at least another season but the real questions is, will the network, CW, bring the show back for another year?


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