Supernatural Season 4 DVD Review

Supernatural Season 4 DVD Review

WB sent us over an advanced copy of the review to check out… and we highly recommend it. Check out our review below!


Supernatural: Season 4 Review:

Next to Season One, this was hands down my favorite season. The series took a completely different turn then I think any of the fans expected, and I know that for me personally – the episode that Castiel (Misha Collins) first appeared in – literally gave me chills.

Supernatural has always been a strong show – strong acting and amazing writing have made it into one of the best series on television in my opinion. This latest season was no exception. At the end of Season Three, Dean (Jensen Ackles) is sent to hell. It was the price he had to pay to save Sam (Jared Padalecki), his brother, at the end of Season 2. But we all know that you can’t have Supernatural without both of the Winchester boys – so of course he comes back. In fact, he is literally pulled out of hell by Castiel who has some pretty big plans for the older brother.

Sam, on the other hand, tried everything to save his brother. When nothing seemed to work, he ended up going down a very dark path that lead him to a demon blood addiction. The blood was supplied by a demon who had always seemed to be the boys’ ally, Ruby.

The character development alone in this season is extremely impressive – being able to see what Dean’s time in hell did to not only Dean and how he acts – but also to Sam and his new habits is extremely interesting for the viewer.

The brothers reunite early on, and continue their quest to help save people from the supernatural. There’s a decent amount of comedy in this season in episodes that if I describe them to you- they’ll sound absurd. But the execution of a heavily armed, suicidal 7-foot-tall teddy bear is just something you’ll have to see in order to understand what a great job the writers have done.

The season finale will have you throwing whatever is on your couch at the TV because yes – you have to wait until September 10th for Season Five. If you’re a die-hard fan, you’ve already been waiting through what has probably felt like the LONGEST summer of your life. Just a couple more weeks guys!

The Blu-ray release is definitely the way to go for some high definition extras including extended and un-aired scenes, ‘The Mythologies Of Supernatural’ featurette, creator commentary, and gag real.

It’s a must have – even if you’ve never seen the series before… in which case you should go buy Season One – Four. You’ll thank me later.

Rating: A+


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