Our Interview With Supernatural Star Jim Beaver

Our Interview With Supernatural Star Jim Beaver

Your character has become quite the anchor for the boys since John Winchester is gone. Since there was a split because of all the controversy last season, what’s going to happen with your character and the Winchester boys?

Jim Beaver: Well, it’s a really difficult question to answer mainly because I don’t know the answer. There’s something pretty big that happens with Bobby in the first couple of episodes. Really big. It’s going to have a huge impact on his relationship with the boys. I don’t know what that impact is because I’ve only seen the first three scripts. I know that there’s no way around this being a pivotal event. What it does to their relationship, I don’t know. I think Eric has certainly given me the impression that they’re going to explore it. Explore how it affects their relationship. Where it’s going, I got no idea.

Toward the end of last season, Bobby expressed criticism towards John Winchester’s fathering techniques. Is it connected to that at all?

Jim Beaver: No, actually in some ways this is kind of out of left field. I don’t think anybody is going to see this coming. It not the kind of thing you look back and say, “Oh they were setting this up.” I was shocked when I read it. I didn’t go, “Oh yeah, of course this is the natural progression of the event.” This is more like–

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