Supernatural Con In Spain

Supernatural Con In Spain

During the last three years, 4 Spanish friends have at tented the Supernatural Asylum Conventions in England and they’ve met more than fifteen members of the cast of Supernatural. That’s why these four friends, partners and fans of the TV show, decided to start the first production of Klz Events: The Rising Con, in their own country, Spain.

Most steps have been passed successfully and they now need the support of all supernatural fans around the world. That’s why KLZ Events created a forum where you can instantly know everything that is going on, enter contests, say what you think and expect about the con, etc.


2 Responsesto “Supernatural Con In Spain”

  1. angelofthewaters says:

    Supernatural have their Lucifer!

    I think he will be great as Lucifer! I miss Supernatural!

  2. rwy says:

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