Misha Collins talks about ‘apocalyptic’ finale of ‘Supernatural’

Misha Collins talks about ‘apocalyptic’ finale of ‘Supernatural’

The clock is running out for “Supernatural” fans this season. Not only does the show’s season finale air tomorrow, but it’s been a year since Dean (Jensen Ackles) made a pact with demons to give up his soul to bring his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) back to life. The story line introduced us to Castiel (Misha Collins), an angel who brings Dean back from Hell to help the brothers in battle. Fans love him — most, anyway.

Yvonne Villarreal, a frequent contributor here at the mighty Hero Complex, talked to Collins about what fans can expect from the show’s season finale, which airs tomorrow on The CW.

YV: First, congratulations! You’ve signed on to appear in the show’s fifth season as a series regular. What does that feel like?

MC: It’s always nice to know you have a job in my line of work … It’s nice. It’s nice.

YV: So you’ll be relocating, right?

MC: Yes. I’m going to rent a place up in Vancouver. I’m going to go up in a couple of weeks and just sort of figure out where I want to live. I’ll probably relocate in about six weeks. We start shooting in July.

YV: Has your role as Castiel changed your outlook on angels?

MC: It’s caused me to think a lot more about angels than before. I really never gave the idea of angels much thought before. I think there are presences out there that we can’t see or directly communicate with that have benevolent influence on us. Whether they’re angels or something else, I’m not sure. I definitely don’t have the sense that there are beings in the stratosphere sitting on clouds playing harps. I’m not one of those believers. But it’s been interesting to explore the mythology of angels as well, and learn that, in the Bible, angels are incredibly destructive forces; they really are more warriors of God and implements of destruction than they are the guardian angel perched on people’s shoulders that has become more popular in modern times.

YV: Do you think Castiel’s relationship with Dean and the human emotions he’s experiencing will cause him to reconsider being an angel?

MC: I think that it’s possible that there can be some serious shake-ups. It’s possible Castiel will fall along the way. I don’t know. I went into the writer’s room; they tried to cover up the Dry Erase board. So I really don’t know what’s going to happen. They like to keep me in the dark for some reason. I would like to see my wings at some point, though. It would be nice. I mean, just the shadow doesn’t cut it.

YV: Maybe next season.

MC: Maybe

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