Supernatural Video Exclusive: Dean Calls Sam a “Monster”!

This Thursday at 9 pm/ET, fans of the CW’s Supernatural who already have been unsettled by the warring Winchesters will find much more to make their brothers-loving spines tingle.

As seen in this exclusive preview of the episode “When the Levee Breaks,” Sam will involuntarily book a reservation in the subterranean panic room, as Bobby and Dean debate how best to deal with the demon-blood addict.

Whilst Sam is pinned down in his ersatz prison, Dean ridicules his bro’s bloodthirstiness, saying it must make him feel “strong, invincible … a big, bad wolf in a world of little pigs.”

Forgetting about Sam for a moment, can the show’s fans survive such a verbal beat-down? We dare you to watch the video below.


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