Supernatural, Harper’s Island Star Talks of Life and Death

Life is twice as nice for fans of Jim Beaver starting this Thursday, when at 9 pm/ET they can find him playing Bobby in fresh episodes of the CW’s Supernatural, then at 10 watch him play sheriff on CBS’ Harper’s Island.

That, however, is far from all Beaver has going on. He has also just released Life’s That Way, a novel chronicling his wife’s battle with cancer – an ordeal which happened to coincide with their daughter’s autism diagnosis. Beaver found time to talk to about his labors of the small-screen and of the heart. What drew you to Harper’s Island? It does have a pretty nifty concept, being a closed-end series.

Jim Beaver: That was certainly an interesting draw. Of course I’m always up for a job, but I was a little reluctant to take this one on. Because of my family situation, I wasn’t really excited about moving to Vancouver on a semi-permanent basis. But then they told me it’s 13 [episodes] and out, that at the end everybody is either dead or guilty. That made me feel like I could do it. Turning to Supernatural, I understand an intervention of sorts is coming for Sam….

Beaver: Bobby and Dean will get together to plot out a way to save Sam from himself. Now that he’s got this demon blood addiction, that’s very troubling to them. But then again, Dean and Bobby don’t completely agree on how to handle it, and things get heated between them as well. What’s Bobby’s take on the brothers’ growing rift?

Beaver: I think he shares Dean’s concerns about Sam, but Bobby’s always had a pretty good insight into Dean as well, about how much guilt Dean carries for not living up to what he thinks his father would have done. You’re going to see Bobby try to help Dean with that, even in the midst of trying to resolve things with Sam.

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