Supernatural Rocks at the LA Creation Con

It was the Creation Con’s Salute to Supernatural Los Angeles 09 and a great time was had by all. There were so many terrific guests that it would take me weeks to tell you everything that happened and all that was said, so for now, I’m going to stick to the highlight of the weekend, Jared, Jensen and Misha.

Jensen took the stage first looking relaxed and handsome in a loose, blueish-grey button-down shirt and jeans. Though the show had technically wrapped for the season, he said he still had one more scene to shoot in Vancouver the next day so he was working on little sleep. Still, he was nothing but fun and animated and seemed to really enjoy spending those few hours with all of us wild and crazy fans.

There was an enormous amount of laughter (especially when Jared joined him on stage) but there were some poignant moments, too. When asked to tell a story about Jared, Jensen chose to list his friend’s best qualities including a deep passion and loyalty to his family, friends and of course, his dogs. But all of our hearts really went out when he began to talk about the recently departed Kim Manners.

Jensen was asked about a bandage that can be seen on his forearm in Lazarus Rising. He said that Kim, who directed the episode, always liked to keep it as real as possible, so instead of using candy glass in the windows of the convenience store he wanted to use real glass so it would shatter properly when the angel’s voice envelopes Dean. Jensen said his stunt double bore most of the brunt of the flying glass but he himself was not spared. He had to “fall” into frame to make the transition from stunt double to him and his forearm came down on a piece of glass cutting him open. That was just the first of many cuts and bruises. When the scene was done he went to Kim and said said, are you happy, I’m bleeding. Kim said, yes, now go get cleaned up for the next scene! Jensen said he would always carry that scar on his arm as a memory of Kim and I do believe he got a bit choked up right then and there. I know I did.

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