Supernatural Magazine Issue 8 On Sale Now

Supernatural Magazine Issue 8 On Sale Now

On-sale NOW!

Back on the Road!

As Supernatural gears up to hit the airwaves once again for the second part of the brilliant fourth season, the official magazine companion to the hit CW show is back with another jam-packed issue that no fan of the Winchester brothers’ exploits dare miss! Jared and Jensen lead the way with a bumper mid-season interview, while we also speak to the show’s producers and guest stars Nicki Aycox and Mitch Pileggi. All the information about the latest issue is on this page, so check it out!

Symphony For The Devil

The Official Supernatural Magazine prides itself on delivering features that delve deep into the production of the show, taking you way beyond what you see on the screen. In this issue, we talk to the series’ talented composers Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska about the challenges of creating the musical score for Sam and Dean’s adventures.

Jared & Jensen

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have had quite a season so far on Supernatural, so perhaps it’s no surprise to hear they’ve been muscle-building for it! In the latest issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine, we catch up with them between bench presses to talk on set about demons, shapeshifters, and things that go bump in the night…

The Producers On Season Four

As the fourth sensational season of Supernatural continues, The Official Supernatural Magazine speaks with the show’s producers Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, Phil Sgriccia, Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble, about and what lies ahead – from angels to demons, magic acts, and sibling rivalry: “Season three really set up what’s happening in season four in terms of a totally different dynamic for the brothers. What Sam’s been doing with his powers and Dean’s relationship with Castiel sends them on a collision course that will ultimately resolve itself, but it’s the biggest conflict we’ve played to date for sure.” – Robert Singer.

Meg Masters and Mitch Pileggi

It’s not all about Jared and Jensen – we talk to two much-loved Supernatural guest stars in the latest issue of The Official Supernatural Magazine. First up, after the scary return of Meg Masters as one of the ghostly Witnesses in season four, actress Nicki Aycox tells us about Meg’s anger, being shot at, and how she felt seeing Jared Padalecki playing the Meg demon. Meanwhile, Mitch Pileggi tells us about making his mark on Supernatural in the action-packed In The Beginning – we ask the actor who plays Sam and Dean’s grandpa about kissing, swearing, and the joy of being ol’ Yellow Eyes.

Myths and Legends: Angels

Exploring the mythology of the world of Supernatural in each issue, this time around The Official Supernatural Magazine looks at the history and lore behind season four’s most intriguing arrivals – angels. Until Dean was pulled out of Hell by Castiel, the Winchester brothers had a skeptical attitude towards angels, but this was the work of the Right Hand of God – someone who is an extension of God’s power. The symbol of the scar in the shape of Castiel’s hand on Dean’s shoulder left the brothers in no doubt that this angel was like nothing they had ever met before.


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