An Interview With Sera Gamble, Supernatural Producer and Writer, Part Two

Part two of my interview with Sera Gamble is quite different from the first. I get her response to Jared Padalecki cringing at her scripts, she lets us know just how dedicated Eric Kripke is to the show, and she answers a variety of fan questions about not only the show but her former writing partner, Raelle Tucker, Frenchies, and her latest projects. Just as in part one, she reveals some interesting information.

On a personal note, I was able to confirm from Jared Padalecki at the “Salute to Supernatural” convention in Chicago that he does indeed cringe when he sees your name on a script. In his words, he’s either “naked, crying, or naked and crying.” Do you take some twisted pride in that?

Sera Gamble: Jared is hilarious. The thing I actually do take pride in is writing to our actors’ strengths. The reason I can write Jared and Jensen such emotionally demanding scenes is that I know they’ll nail them. They’re victims of their talent. And before people make the joke, I am so not talking about the naked thing. Come on. In all seriousness, our show isn’t even in the running when it comes to the implied nudity competition on network television. We’re positively restrained. All right, now that I’ve said that you’re all free to go ahead and make the joke.

Is approval of what goes into the mythology happening by panel, or from Eric Kripke himself?

Sera Gamble: Mythology arcs are mostly hashed out in brainstorming sessions, headed up by Eric. As for approval – creatively, the buck stops with Eric. Thus has it ever been.

Eric Kripke. Madman or evil genius?

Sera Gamble: Both of these seem kind of negative to me. I wouldn’t say he’s entirely mad… or completely evil. He is, however, utterly dedicated to his work. Did you see Twilight? You know how Edward is with Bella? That’s how Eric is with Supernatural.

Great comparison! I should explain that question. It came to me after watching Mr. Kripke with cheerful delight reminisce about creating “the most violent, brutal, anti-holiday holiday episode ever” in his closer look at “A Very Supernatural Christmas” on the season three DVD set. I do so love his mind (and that episode). As someone who has been there since the beginning, have you seen his enthusiasm increase throughout the seasons? Have there been times where he’s questioned why he does this to himself?

Sera Gamble: I don’t know what happens when it’s just Eric, a bottle of whiskey, and a long lonely night. But in the writers’ room he’s always been into what he does. I think what’s happened over the seasons is that all of us have relaxed. We’re more confident with the voice of the show. I think at a certain point everybody said, “Fuck it. Let’s have fun with this.” That kind of attitude always comes from the top down.

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