Supernatural Scoop: Is Teen Dean to Your Liking?

Supernatural Scoop: Is Teen Dean to Your Liking?

Following this Thursday’s episode, the CW’s Supernatural (like sister show Smallville) is taking a several-week break, returning with new episodes on or around Jan. 15. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that shortly after the series comes back, fans will get a big treat: a teenaged Dean. And filling Jensen Ackles’ shoes for the flashback will be Brock Kelly, has learned.

In “After School Special,” which is slated to air Jan. 29, Supernatural will offer a peek at the brothers’ high-school days, with a tentative Sam not looking forward to facing another new social circle as he and Dean are uprooted again by their demon-chasing dad. Luckily, Dean finds time away from necking with a local gal to watch his picked-on kid bro’s back.

Opposite Kelly, Colin Ford will portray young Sam – just as he did in last season’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” (A barely teenaged Ridge Canipe tackled Dean back then). This time around, though, Ford will play a few years older than his actual age, while Kelly will close the gap by playing younger than his actual twenty-some years.

Brock’s previous credits include a handful of Days of Our Lives episodes (as “Josh”) and two appearances on last season’s short-lived Viva Laughlin.

What say you, the Supernatural jury: A good fit?


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