Supernatural Sexclusive: Is Sam “Doing It” with a Demon?

Supernatural fans need to know: Is Sam hooking up with his demon helper, Ruby? Series creator Erik Kripke might be mum on the subject, but Jared Padalecki was willing to give us the scoop.

“They have been lovers,” Sam’s portrayer spills. “From the first episode this season, when Dean returns and Ruby (now played by Genevieve Cortese) is in her underwear and Sam is coming out of the bathroom, it’s hinted that Sam and Ruby have a little bit more going on than, ‘Hey, let’s study how to kill demons.’ They’ve… dabbled.” Padalecki laughs, then adds, “They have their needs.”

So… Demons like to do the dirty? “I guess so,” Padalecki ventures. “Or maybe she’s just being nice to Sammy, since he thought he lost his brother.” Hey, at least one of these hunky hunters is getting his due.


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