Supernatural: Winchester vs. Winchester

If I took a trip to see sassy psychic Missouri Moseley and asked her what’s coming up in Supernatural’s future, I think I know what she’d tell me: the battle of Winchester vs. Winchester. Dean has known he might have to face off with his brother since the beginning of season 2, when a dying John warned him that Sam might turn to the dark side one day. The addition of Castiel to the mythology has only made the brotherly battle more inevitable. Sam is cranking up his dark mojo with help from a demon, Dean is working for an angel, and the long-dead Yellow-Eyed Demon has a plan for Sam that has yet to be revealed. None of this is going to end well.

Assuming Eric Kripke plans to wrap up Supernatural with season 5, I’d expect this extreme case of sibling rivalry to go down at the end of the current season. I don’t think he’d want to end the entire series on a Sam vs. Dean showdown, as fans would probably be upset if the final episodes found the Winchesters fighting one another. Season 4 has only had three episodes so far, but already I believe that the big finale will end with a cliffhanger that finds the brothers either fighting one another or splitting apart. Maybe they’ll disagree over how to stop the YED’s ultimate plan, with Sam siding with Ruby and Dean (Jensen Ackles) sticking by Castiel. Bring on the fisticuffs!

I’m not against the Winchester vs. Winchester idea. I know fans hate it when the brothers fight, but conflict makes for interesting drama, especially when the fate of the world is at stake. The idea of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean on different sides of a battle between Heaven and Hell is extremely exciting, and more importantly it gives each of them a personal stake in the big storyline. As long as Kripke repairs the brotherly bond at the end and doesn’t kill either of them off, I think it’d be fascinating to watch.

The real question is: who would win in a battle between the brothers? Sam has the mental powers on his side, but Dean has an angel and more experience kicking ass. My theory is that Sam will eventually turn evil and wreak havoc, a la dark Willow in season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it’ll be up to Dean to play the Xander role and remind him of his humanity. Supernatural has borrowed a thing or two from Buffy over the years, and I think the idea of Dean’s brotherly love saving Sam’s soul sounds pretty damn emotional. Bring it on, Kripke.


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