Is Supernatural’s Heavenly Newcomer a Real Devil?

The CW’s Supernatural uncorked a helluva reveal at the end of last week’s season premiere, when Dean learned that he had been “pulled out of perdition” by no less than an angel named Castiel. But is this suave savior to be believed? invited series newcomer Misha Collins to “wing it” in this Q&A. Plus: Look for a juicy piece of casting scoop! (Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9 pm/ET.) – Matt Mitovich I see a lot of readers going, “Where have I seen this guy before?” What’s the best possible answer to that?

Misha Collins: Um, Trader Joe’s? Or 24.

Collins: 24, probably, is the most likely place for people to recognize me from. I played Dennis Hopper’s son. That was Season 1. You must’ve been a puppy back then.

Collins: I was, I was a young lad. But I was shaving. What did the Supernatural producers tell you about the role when you first auditioned?

Collins: Well, the material I auditioned with was for a demon, so I went in as a bad, snarky little demon. Eric Kripke said, “Great job, but actually you’re an angel. We’re just trying to keep it under wraps.” He gave me a couple pointers on what he was looking for, I did another take, and I got the part. Are Jared and Jensen happy to have another guy on the show?

Collins: You know, if Jared and Jensen are not happy to have another guy on the show, they hide it very well. They seem very warm and welcoming and very cool. They both have great senses of humor. They’re both witty and sarcastic, and that’s fun to work with. Any initiation rituals?

Collins: No hazing, and no initiation rituals. Was your character’s entrance as cool as you had hoped, once you saw it on screen?

Collins: It was way cooler. It was a pretty kick-ass character introduction. The best I’ve ever had. The rattling walls, the wind, the wings….

Collins: I know! You come across as a pretty cool customer with a scene like that. What’s your approach to this guy? You have to toe a line between menacing but not evil. Are you channeling any famous movie character or…?

Collins: I was channeling someone, yes – my younger brother. He is kind of like Castiel. He has this incredibly intense, powerful, kind of angelic presence, and I was tapping into that a bit. I don’t know if he’s going to be pissed or not, but… I think you just got your brother his own flock of screaming Supernatural fans.

Collins: Cool. The way Castiel is written, he’s not omnipotent, but he’s borderline. He’s got a lot of power. He knows people… He “knows a Guy.”

Collins: He knows someone who can have things fixed up if needed, yeah. He’s so powerful he doesn’t need to worry about flaunting it. He can be very calm and quiet. Speaking of that line he has to toe, are there any “rules” he is bound by, like “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” as he helps out the boys?

Collins: There is a chain of command, a heavenly chain of command, which I am expected to follow, but I think there’s latitude for that to be defied. Other than that, he’s actually faced with moral and ethical dilemmas just as a human being would be. So far. He’s not bound by hard and fast rules. In addition to the boys and Bobby, have you had scenes with any other principal cast members?

Collins: Yeah, there’s another angel that’s being introduced. His name is Uriel, and he’s played by Robert Wisdom, who was on The Wire. Do Castiel and Uriel get along?

Collins: Not really. No, we are at loggerheads. Do we know why? Is it just old unsettled business?

Collins: Well, I think that he’s got more of an itchy trigger-finger than I do. There’s already speculation that Castiel is not who/what he claims to be, that this is all maybe a giant ruse…

Collins: Right. I would love to be able to put that to rest. I’m not positive that I can, but I think that I can. I think he actually is what he portends to be. Are you braced for the Supernatural superfans?

Collins: I’ve heard that there is an avid fan base, yes. It sounds like it’s a true story. So, “Bring it on”?

Collins: Yes. They seem like cool people. Nobody has violated my privacy yet and they’ve been very complimentary and supportive. If the fans hated me, that would be a different story. But they don’t seem to, so far, so I’m happy to be in their good graces.


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