Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Supernatural

*Spoilers Past The Jump*

Question: You’ve been rockin’ the Supernatural scoop lately, to which I have one thing to say: Keep it comin’! — Mandy

Ausiello: I’ve been devoting so much valuable AA real estate to the Brothers Winchester these past few weeks that I’m inclined to take at least partial credit for the show’s record-breaking season premiere-ratings last week. Eh, screw that, I’m taking all the credit. And don’t be surprised if this next Supebit drives the show’s Nielsens even higher: In episode 5, Dean punches Sam not once, but twice. And not by accident!

Question: I’ll be your BFF if you give me some Supernatural scoop! — Justin

Ausiello: I’ll let you know if an opening comes up in my friends rotation. Till then, you’ll probably be satisfied to know that the show is casting two new recurring roles: One’s a pretty ass kicker who hears voices and seems likely to become a love interest for one of the Winchester boys; the other’s a he-demon whose serene demeanor belies a mile-wide sadistic streak. He’s a little less likely to become a love interest for one of the Winchester boys. Just a hunch.

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