Supernatural Burning Questions Answered!

Supernatural Burning Questions Answered!

How does Mary know the Yellow-Eyed Demon? What’s the early consensus on newcomers Bela and Ruby? Will this strike-struck season still deliver a doozy of a cliff-hanger? We took the best of your burning questions to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, and here’s what he had to share with us. (Plus, Kripke also reveals his most- and least-favorite episodes ever!) Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9 pm/ET on the CW.

Will we find out how Mary knew the YED anytime soon? — jacobha

Kripke: We will definitely find out how Mary knew the YED, but I can’t promise when that will be. It ties into the mystery of what Sam is becoming, and what makes him so damn qualified to lead a demon army in the first place. But we’re not ready to pull that trigger just yet.

If we don’t get a full Season 3, what would happen with Dean’s deal? Would the big climax be in the middle of Season 4 or would it be extended to the end of Season 4? — acsgrlie

Kripke: That’s a very smart question, and one that’s currently haunting my dreams. There’s a simple answer: We’ll definitely save the climax of Dean’s Deal for Season 4, no question. And there’s a more complicated answer: Not many showrunners will admit it, but the strike is throwing a lot of stories on a lot of different series up in the air. I mean, how do you get back on the story track in an elegant, artful way? If I had to guess, I’d say I’m probably going to end up combining the Season 3 and Season 4 mythologies into one big story to play out next season. It’s interesting how real-world issues affect the creative storytelling of the show. There’s no doubt that, because of the strike, I’m going to end up telling a slightly different story than I had originally intended. Knowing how these things go, however, it’ll probably end up being a better one. Happy accidents usually result in better stories.

What’s your take on the fans reactions to Bela and Ruby? — WaywardDaughter

Kripke: Bela and Ruby do seem to be the big controversies this season, don’t they? I’ll start with Ruby: I’m generally pleased with how the fans have been responding to her. I knew from the beginning that there was going to be a lot of resistance to the character…. Our fans are very protective of the boys, they don’t want the show to turn into One Tree Hill, but I always believed that if viewers gave Ruby a chance, they’d accept her as a formidable player in our little drama. Demons have always been fun for us to write. On top of that, Katie [Cassidy] is growing into the character nicely, starting to show new colors.

As for Bela, I have to admit, I was fairly surprised by the seemingly negative fan reaction. Among the writers, Bela was a pleasure to write, we could all channel our inner smart-asses, and we like how cool and unflappable she is under terrible pressure. She’s strong, smart, resourceful. And Lauren [Cohan] is one of the finest, most highly trained actresses we’ve ever had on the show, truthfully. Because she wasn’t going to be a love interest anytime soon, I thought we were adding a fun foil for the boys. But the fans seem to be having a difficult time overcoming their initial resistance to the character. (And we certainly didn’t do Bela any favors with “Red Sky at Morning.”) We have an interesting backstory for her, but I think we need to push a little harder, we have to do a better job muddying up the character, making her human and real to the audience. And I know that Lauren can sure as hell play it.

Will there be a season-finale-type of cliff-hanger when the last episode [filmed before the writers’ strike] airs? — diamondlove22

Kripke: The final episode we’re airing — “Jus in Bello” — wasn’t originally going to be the last one, but we slid it back to serve as a kind of makeshift season finale. It’s a big, epic, action movie of an episode, it climaxes the Agent Henriksen storyline, and it’s got a few interesting mythology reveals, so we hope it’ll tide the fans over until whenever we return. But honestly, we didn’t have time to create a proper cliff-hanger. Hell, we barely had time to get our final scripts finished before the writers’ strike!

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