‘Supernatural’ Fans Keep on Giving

A few months back, we featured the fandom fund raising project “Fandom Rocks,” which successfully raised some cash for a homeless shelter in Lawrence, Kansas using nothing but the popularity of the CW’s smash hit Supernatural. Another charitable effort the stems from Supernatural fans seemingly endless capacity for generosity is Operation: Winchester. The campaign is targeted at bringing some much-needed relief to the soldiers in Iraq by way of fan donated DVD sets of Supernatural Season 1.

The project has its home at the Supernatural underground website, a collective of fans from around the globe united in helping to promote the show and the various charitable and fan events that spawn from it.

The effort used to record the names of the soldiers that received packages from Supernatural fans, but that practice has been dashed due to security concerns. Still, judging by the popularity of the campaign, its safe to assume there are plenty of American soldiers in Iraq indoctrinated to the Winchester brothers war against evil.

Along with the successful Fandom Rocks project, Operation: Winchester is a testament to the potential of fan communities to use interest generated by a television show to bring awareness to relatively neutral issues of common human concern.

In contrast, the “nuts” campaign that kept Jericho on the air was organized to a degree of fine business management, but in the wake of its success remained focused completely on securing the status of the show.

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