Supernatural Evolves with Fresh Start and New Hunters

In the Season Two finale of the CW series “Supernatural” starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, the show did what seems to scare other shows the most; they wrapped up the main storyline. Were it not for creator Eric Kripke realizing the story was getting very complicated and that resolution and evolution is what moves a television show forward and keeps it new and interesting, “Supernatural” may have started its descent to becoming another highly convoluted and totally unappealing mythology that tangles itself up to trip and fall flat on its face (“Lost” is a prime example).

But no, that’s not the way this innovative show runs. Everything with the Winchester brothers is constantly changing and getting better. The demon who killed both their mother and Sam’s girlfriend Jessica is dead and their father has escaped hell, moving on to what we can only imagine is a better place, but now there are hundreds of demons on the loose because a gate opened. The demon in question succeeded in part of his plan in that respect, and the story evolves to become something else, something fresh and exciting with a different twist; Dean sold his soul to resurrect Sam so now he only has one year, presumably the length of this season, to live before the demon of the crossroads comes to claim him and make good on the deal he made to save his brother, and of course, his brother has vowed to save his soul.

At the “Supernatural” panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con this weekend, Kripke, Ackles and others took to talking a little about the new season. IGN quoted the show’s creator on the changes this season, “It’s time for the fun stuff to begin … It’s the end of the world — pick a side.” Fans reportedly went wild seeing Ackles in person and hearing about the off-screen antics of the show’s two stars (indications are that Padalecki was unable to attend due to filming for an episode that caused him to miss his flight). The panel revealed that the Season Two character Gordon would be returning, and the panel members hinted that his future looked pretty bad. Not surprising since his ideas about hunting and Sam’s psychic status have made him an enemy of the Winchesters.

The biggest news came before Comic-Con, however, when it was announced that casting was in progress for two female hunters who would have interactions with Sam and Dean, but at the panel, it was clarified that they would not be girlfriends as many fans feared, believing this angle would ruin the dynamic of the characters and the quality of the show. Ruby and Bela are probably just what the show’s lead actors have been waiting for, saying from the beginning that the schedule has been running them ragged since the show revolves entirely around them. “Add more characters,” Ackles pleaded at their Paley Fest panel last year. Well, he’s getting his wish. And the boys are in for some trouble according the panel members this year at Comic-Con. Descriptions of the two new girls are promising; Ruby is supposed to be “unhinged and dangerous” while Bela is “a hot cat burglar who is only thinking of herself … a woman without a cause.” It sounds like they might be the Selina Kyle and Holly Robinson of sorts on “Supernatural.” As for their casting, E! News announced last week that Ruby will be played by David Cassidy’s daughter Katie Cassidy (“7th Heaven” and the horror flicks “When a Stranger Calls” and “Black Christmas”) and Bela will be played by Lauren Cohan (“Cassanova” with Heath Ledger and “Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj” with Kal Penn).

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