Supernatural interview with Jensen Ackles

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, wb, cast What attracted you to the part of Dean?

“You know I was originally supposed to go for the part of Sam and then I read the script and just really liked the humour of Dean. I liked his sense of sarcasm, his crass way of talking to people and his cockiness. I thought I could have a lot more fun with that, as far as the character goes.”

Do you share any traits with your character?

“There are bits of me in there, but I would say for the most part he’s a character. I think he’s a more exaggerated version of parts of my character. With his sarcasm and his cocky attitude he’s just generally a more over the top version of myself.”

What have you enjoyed most about the filming of the series so far?

“All the cool things I get to do. Just last week I had to practice for a scene where I take apart a shotgun and a pistol and put them back together. I had to drive a tractor in the snow and I haven’t driven one since I was a kid. We’ve also driven trucks around on a huge farm. We get to do a lot of cool and unique stuff as obviously we’re dealing with the ‘Supernatural’ every week. It’s all the stuff you dream of doing as a little boy.”

Why do you think the on screen relationship between the 2 brother’s works?

“Well I think a lot of it has to do with our off-screen relationship. We get on really well, in fact we were having lunch together just now. He and I have found a nice common ground, we’re both from Texas and we both come from very similar backgrounds. So with that relationship off-set, on-set just seems to fall into place. He knows his character really well and I’m finding my character well. We both agree that it’s a yin and yang relationship. They can hold their own but when you put them together they kind of complete each other.”

What’s the filming schedule like?

“We spend about 9 or 10 days on each episode. Jared and I easily work up to 16 hours a day. It’s a pretty tight schedule but we knew this was what we were signing up for. Once we find our legs I’m sure we’ll refine the way we do it.”


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